Hidemi is a Japanese born ceramicist. She first studied at the Seto Ceramic School in Seto, Japan.
Seto-city is one of the main centres for the production of Japanese ceramics.
In 2013, Hidemi studied at the National Art School in Australia where she completed the Master course, majoring Ceramics and became a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC).                                      
When she first came to Australia, the unique shapes and attractive detail of Australian flora - forms that do not exist in Japan, immediately fascinated Hidemi. Her work practice has evolved from a traditional and craft aesthetic in Japan to a more sculptural sensibility today.  Native plants, including Banksia, various flowers, and seedpods inspire the organic ceramic forms and colourfully dynamic surfaces of her work. In her work Hidemi seeks to capture the underlying pulse of the natural Australian environment. 

Artist Statement   

My practice starts from a sensitive and reverential approach to nature. I notice and am moved by every subtlety and curve of a rock or seedpod. I aim to translate this sensibility into my work.  I work with clay, a natural material, and almost always use the hand building method, the oldest technique in ceramics. Hand building means my finger marks form part of the surface, an effect I supplement with deliberate pinching to create textures inspired by Australian native forms. The works are similar in size, shape and colouring, echoing the patterns that can be found in nature. Each work is different in softness and sensitivity. Their unique details have an emotional impact as they reflect intricacies of nature. 


        2011 Master of Fine Arts Degree, majoring ceramic, The National Art School, Sydney Australia

        1999 Seto Ceramic School, Seto Japan


-Solo Exhibitions

       2020 white cube galley japan                                                                                                                          

       2019 Honokuni Department store  japan                                                                                                             

  2018 Mugaen, Hekinan Japan

       2015 Watson Arts Centre, Columbia, Canberra Australia

       2014 Bamboo Curtain, Taipei Taiwan

       2013 The Apple House, Denmark

                Wasps Hanson, Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom

 University of South Carolina Department of Art, South Carolina America


-Selected group exhibition

        2016 Sculpture by the sea in Bondi, Sydney Australia.  

   HIDDEN A Rookwood Sculpture walk, Sydney Australia

        2015 Scenic world in Blue Mountain, Sydney Austlaia

        2014 Sculpture by the sea in Bondi, Sydney Australia

        2012 Sculpture by the sea in Bondi, Sydney Australia. VIP Art Fair in New York, America



        2007 Commented, Hunter’s Hills Council Sydney, Australia

        2006 First Prize, Gosford Art Prize, Gosford Australia

        2001 First Prize, Toyota City Art Prize, Toyota Japan

        2000 Third Prize, Toyota City Art Prize, Toyota Japan



        2018 48th IAC Exhibition, Yingge ceramic Museum, New Taipei City   

                 Sanbao ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen China

                 Song of Iron, National Taiwan university of Technology, Taipei Taiwan

                 Miaoli Pottery International Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition, Miaoli Taiwan  

                 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Hongik University, Seoul South Korea

                 Galley Voice, Tajimi Japan

        2017 China and Japan Contemporary Ceramic Arts, Shanghai, China

    Shadow of Sodeisha, National Museum of Ireland “Dublin Ireland

                  Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Aichi prefectural ceramic museum, Seto Japan

        2016 The China, Japan and South Korea International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Beijing China

                  Sculpture Exhibition, Iriya gallery, Tokyo Japan

        2015 IT Gallery, Taipei Taiwan

                  Chawan Expo, Belgium.

     Ying Gallery, Beijing China                                

         2014 Culture Vultures, Sefrou Morocco

         2013 DNA-hub Gallery, Glasgow, United Kingdom


-Art fair

        2017 Art stage, Jakarta, Indonesia 

                Ceramic fair, Jingdezhen China    Art fair ling China


-Artist in Residences

        2019 Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis America  

        2018 Sanbao ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen China

        2017 Sanbao ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen China

        2016 UNSW Art and Design, Australia

        2014 Culture Vultures, Morocco

        2013 Guldagergaard- International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark

                   University of South Carolina Department of Art, Columbia, South Carolina America    

        2008 Hongik University, Seoul South Korea  



         2018 Wood fire festival, Miaoli Taiwan

         2017Culture Art, Xishuangbanna, China  

         2017 Incheon ceramic festival, Incheon, Korea

         2015 Canberra Potter’s Society, Canberra Australia

         2013 Longwood University, Virginia America    


-Permeant collection 

National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Yingge ceramic Museum, New Taipei City  

Miaoli Pottery International Modern Ceramic Art center, Miaoli Taiwan


      2011 ナショナルアート・スクールシドニー、オーストラリア 大学院 陶芸学科 
      2010 ナショナルアート・スクールシドニー、オーストラリア 優等学位 陶芸学科 
      2008-2009ナショナルアート・スクールシドニー、オーストラリア 学位 陶芸学科 
      1999 愛知県瀬戸窯業高校専攻科陶芸学科 
      2016 スカルプチュア・バイ・ザ・シー シドニー、オーストラリア 入選
      2014 スカルプチュア・バイ・ザ・シー シドニー、オーストラリア 入選
      2012 スカルプチュア・バイ・ザ・シー シドニー、オーストラリア 入選

      2020 white cube 名古屋 日本                                         2018 無我苑、碧南 日本
      2015 ワタソン・アートセンター、キャンベラ オーストラリア
      2012 アップル・ハウス、デンマーク     サウスカロライナ大学、 サウスカロライナ アメリカ


       2019 gallery terra デフト オランダ リンタオ.マジャヤオプロジェクト リンタオ 中国            2018 48th IAC メンバー `` 東方美人‘’ 鶯歌陶芸美術館、台北 台湾
                   アジア現代陶芸展 弘益大学校、ソウル 韓国
                   三宝20周年記念 三宝国際陶芸村、景德鎮 中国
                   ソング オブ アイアン 国立台湾科技大学、台北 台湾
                   苗栗国際陶芸展、苗栗 台湾
                   ギャラリー ヴィイス、多治見 日本
      2017 アジア現代陶芸展 瀬戸美術館、瀬戸 日本
                   中国、日本陶芸作家展 上海 中国、
                    シャドウ オブ 走泥社、 国立ダブリン美術館、ダブリン アイルランド
      2016 日本、韓国、中国 国際陶芸展 景徳鎮、中国
               Ying画廊、北京, 中国
      2015 イリヤ 画廊、東京 日本
     イトウ ギャラリー、台北 台湾